Do These 3 Things First Thing in the Morning to Feel Better All Day in North Scottsdale AZ

Do These 3 Things First Thing in the Morning to Feel Better All Day in North Scottsdale AZ

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I'm asked quite often as a North Scottsdale AZ chiropractor if there are things people can do in the morning in North Scottsdale AZ to feel better during the day. Anything that will help with aches, pains, digestive issues, and more as we age. Sometimes it's tough to move on with your day especially if you're in pain, or just not feeling your best. Here are a few simple things that you can do to help ease your way into your day.

Leg Stretches to Get the Blood Flowing to Feel Better in North Scottsdale AZ

The first thing people ask about is what they can do to ease the aches and pains of arthritis. While you are still in bed, just take one knee and pull it gently to your chest, hugging it with your arms. Breathe in deeply through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.

Do this slowly to the count of 10. You can also do this while doing four, seven, or eight breathing techniques. It helps ease anxiety and resets your stress level. Do this by breathing to the count of four, holding for the count of seven, and breathing out to the count of eight.

You can then take your other knee and bring it to your chest and hold. If it's more comfortable, you can bend the opposite knee that you're not bringing to your chest, otherwise keep it flat on the mattress. Once you've done each knee, bring both in and hug them close to your chest while doing your breathing technique.

This should be done before your feet even hit the floor getting out of bed. It gets the blood flowing into the muscles of your lower body, and stretches out your lower back. By the time you stand up getting out of bed you won't be as tight and you've got the blood moving. Although this exercise is generally done on the floor, I find it beneficial for people to do this before even getting out of bed. Later in the day, it can be done with your daily floor exercises.

Feel Better by Drinking Water

The second thing people ask me about is what can they do to help digestion as they start their day. Keep a container on your nightstand filled with 32 ounces of water. It takes some time, but drink 32 ounces of water before you have coffee or breakfast. You can also do this when you get up and go into the kitchen as well. Just be sure you're drinking the water on an empty stomach.

The 32 ounces of water will rehydrate your colon from the dehydration that happens while you sleep. It also hydrates your brain and the rest of your body.

I find when I do this, I have almost as much energy as I do after one cup of coffee. It will also help you with regular bowel movements. Not everyone can start out with 32 ounces, which is four glasses of water but it's a process. Work up to it at your own pace. Your patience will be rewarded!

Stretch in the Shower

Now that you've stretched before you got out of bed, and hydrated your body, it's time to hit the shower. Gentle stretches can be done in a hot shower. This will allow the muscles to heat up and stretch easier. Stretches done in the shower will be much more effective than those done on a cold muscle.

Many people complain of their neck being sore after sleeping. The first thing I recommend is to get an orthopedic-style pillow. If you have questions about which one, please come into my office or email me.

Some simple neck stretches involve taking your left hand on your head above your right ear and pulling your head very gently to the left. While you are doing this, take your right arm and push it down by your side with your right hand flexed upward and outward. Keep the water running as it hits the right side of your neck muscles. Remember to breathe in and out slowly while doing this. Do the same thing on the other side. Do each five times with five-second holds.

I do not recommend stretching the neck backward. You can stretch the neck forward gently, but I would not recommend letting the shower hit at the base of your skull. Just stretch from side to side and keep it simple.

These three easy things should help your day go a lot better so you can complete your daily tasks without thinking of your pain or discomfort instead. If you would like any more instruction on stretching or helping with feeling better during your daily activities, please contact my office for a complimentary consultation.

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