Natural Back, Neck & Joint Pain Solutions in Scottsdale… that Get YOU Out of PAIN … as Quickly as Possible.

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Don’t give up the dream of living Pain-FREE in Scottsdale!

It’s not a dream … when you have the right natural approach doctor totally focused on YOU and the “root cause” of your condition.

Both new injuries and chronic old injuries can be helped, quickly and drug-free – right in our office.

For the past 20 years, I’ve helped thousands of patients feel better, and stay pain-free… even after they had lost hope with other methods.

You do NOT have to live with dangerous and addictive medications, painful injections, endless physical therapy sessions, or unnecessary surgery.

Get the facts … and stop suffering.

Here’s our focus when you walk through the door…

  • Getting you immediate pain relief – without drugs or surgery.
  • Finding the real cause, not just treating the symptoms, so we can prevent the pain from coming back.
  • Building you a dependable long-term “pain-free plan“ – both you and your family can live with.

Don’t make the mistake of giving up, or living with pain… until you’ve experienced our “Pain Relief Systems.”

Symptoms in Scottsdale

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Burning
  • Pain

This is your body’s way of warning you that there is something more serious going on.

If any of these symptoms have been going on for any length of time, they could lead to a much more serious condition like nerve damage that my lead to drugs or surgery. It’s important that you have them checked out … right away so they might be resolved non-invasively.


Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that is one of the major causes of pain that interferes with daily activities. It can be diagnosed at any age, and the pain and stiffness may affect joints anywhere in your body.

  • There are over 100 types of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gout.
  • Dr. Grgula will examine you and possibly order new blood work or review the blood work you’ve already had, to find out your particular diagnosis.
  • Once that diagnosis is made, she will place you on a custom-designed treatment plan that may include nutritional recommendations, medical-grade supplementation, chiropractic, acupuncture, exercises, or other therapies that will aid in reducing your pain and inflammation.

According to studies published by the Arthritis Foundation, 73% of people receiving chiropractic care for their arthritis found it helpful when their “prescription medication wasn’t working.”

Disc Herniation (protrusion) or Disc Bulge

Do you know if you have a disc herniation or protrusion?

  • Your first step is to have Dr. Grgula perform an orthopedic and neurologic exam. Once your exam is done, She will order or review your previous MRI or CT scan. An MRI or CT scan will show the soft tissue of the discs between your vertebrae.
  • In herniated or protruded discs, the gel substance in the center of the discs ruptures or bursts out of the disc. Think of the jelly that leaks out of the hole in the back of a jelly donut. The gel causes pressure on nerves that causes pain.
  • This is a serious condition that, in many cases, people consider spinal surgery.
  • A disc bulge happens when the gel bulges out of the disc, without bursting. Think of eating an ice cream sandwich in the summer. The 2 hard cookies cause the soft ice cream in the middle to bulge out when you bite down on it.
  • The bulging disc causes increased pressure against nerves also and cause pain.

How does a disc get injured?

  • Disc pain can be severe and occur in other parts of the body, not just in the spine. Physical trauma, lifting and twisting the wrong way, strenuous activity, and many other things may cause the gel to rupture or bulge.
  • If you do have a ruptured or bulging disc, Dr. Grgula may be able to relieve your pain.
  • Since 1995, she has prevented many disc patients from having spinal surgery.

Dr. Grgula has developed a specific, non-invasive protocol that is very effective in relieving disc pain. This allows patients to get back to their lives like they were before the condition started.

Stenosis & The Natural Alternatives to Back Surgery

What is stenosis?

Stenosis of the spine involves the narrowing of the spinal canal.
It’s generally caused as a result of degeneration of the discs between the vertebrae. This compresses the nerves or spinal cord, causing your PAIN.

It is one of the most painful spinal conditions that
Dr. Grgula has been successfully treating since 1995.

Many people consider spinal surgery!
But there is an effective and proven alternative to surgery!

  • Dr. Grgula has developed a solution protocol that relieves your pain and slows the progression of the disease.
  • One of those solutions is called the “Cox® Technic.” Only a very small percentage of chiropractors have invested the time and money it takes to learn and utilize this amazing technique.
  • Cox® Technic is utilized by physicians around the world to treat low back and leg pain, neck and arm pain as well as other spinal pain conditions (synovial cysts, degenerated discs, herniated discs, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, facet syndrome, etc.).

Dr. Grgula has been a Cox Certified Physician since 1995.


Sciatica is inflammation of the sciatic nerve, one of the largest nerves in the body.

  • It starts in the low back and goes all the way down both legs to the feet.
  • Pain can arise anywhere along the nerve.
  • Patients may complain of buttock, groin, hip, knee, or foot pain, and the source is actually the sciatic nerve.

Dr. Grgula will usually start her diagnosis process by ordering an X-Ray of your lumbar spine. Should the X-Ray not reveal the cause, she will order an MRI to
determine if there is disc involvement.

What causes sciatica?

  • Any pressure on the sciatic nerve can cause inflammation and irritation.
  • Sometimes a degenerative condition like degenerative disc disease can cause pressure. In other cases, it may just be an issue of the low back vertebrae being out of alignment. Either way, chiropractic manipulations help release the pressure on the nerve and therefore relieve the pain.

The root cause of the pressure must be found, and treated to take you out of pain.

Once the cause is diagnosed, Dr. Grgula will place you on your specific treatment plan to reduce or eliminate the pain. Once the pain has subsided, she will give you an exercise program to prevent the condition from returning.

Rotator Cuff Injury

The rotator cuff of your shoulder consists of 4 muscles.

  • Depending on the severity of the injury, from strains to tears, specific treatments including acupuncture may help to prevent shoulder surgery, by restoring injured tissue.
  • Once Dr. Grgula examines your shoulder, she may order X-Rays or MRI, to determine what part of the shoulder is involved, whether it be muscle, ligament, tendon, or bone.
  • Custom rehabilitative exercises are usually given to stretch and strengthen the shoulder.
  • This will help re-injury in the future.

Auto Accident Injuries

Injuries from auto accidents must be checked out as soon as possible after an accident.

In many cases, most people don’t even feel pain or discomfort right after an accident … but the damage is there.

  • If you’d been taken to the hospital after the accident, Dr. Grgula will request records from that facility.
  • If not, she will most likely order x-rays and any other diagnostic testing in order to determine the extent of any injuries you may have.
  • Should you have an attorney, she will work closely with them to settle your case in a timely manner, always being sure your health and recovery come first.

Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spurs

Q: Do your feet hurt? – Even before you get out of bed, first thing in the morning?

If you wake in the morning with heel or foot pain before getting out of bed, you may have plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the ligament that goes from your heel bone to your toes.

  • This inflammation causes pain in the foot or feet.
  • Shoes that don’t fit properly, or don’t have enough support.
  • When the ligament pulls on the heel bone over a long period of time, it can develop spurs on the heel bone.

Dr. Grgula will perform a detailed exam of your feet, and order an X-ray of your foot to see if there is a spur. Treatment for this generally involves chiropractic manipulations of the bones in the foot, acupuncture, and sometimes therapeutic ultrasound.

She will also take a digital scan of your feet to see if there’s a dysfunction in the way you are standing and walking.

Custom orthotic shoe inserts will then most likely be prescribed. An individualized stretching routine will also be recommended to help prevent the condition from coming back.

The Frustration of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is one of the most mysterious, uncomfortable, and frustrating conditions we see today. And it’s incredibly difficult to deal with on your own.

Dr.Grgula can help you manage your fibromyalgia, and get relief … when others have failed.

Don’t try to deal with this condition on your own.

  • The relentless muscle pain, fatigue, tenderness throughout the body, migraines, and more can be overwhelming – when you’re dealing with this on your own.
  • Suffering from these symptoms can affect your life on a daily basis. Time at work, with friends and family, and just completing daily activities can be difficult.

Dr. Grgula will take a detailed history of your symptoms, and perform an orthopedic and neurological exam. In many cases, bloodwork will be ordered to get a more complete picture of your health.

Once this is all compiled, She will review the results, and place you on a customized treatment plan that may include gentle Cox Technic chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and medical-grade supplements. Fibromyalgia is serious and can be overwhelming. Let Dr. Grgula help address each symptom and make it easier to handle one day at a time.

Headaches or Migraine

Do you know – which type of headaches you’re having?

There are different types of headaches that have specific reasons for each diagnosis. In some cases, headaches can be serious. Dr. Grgula will take a detailed history to find out which type you have.

  • Migraines ‘warn’ patients before they start with a prodrome of symptoms that happen first. There can be many different triggers, including stress, posture, sleep and diet habits, and more.

Once your history is reviewed, Dr. Grgula will be able to specifically diagnose and begin treatments. These treatments may include chiropractic, acupuncture, and nutritional counseling. If something more serious is going on, she will promptly refer you to a neurologist.

Fixing – Carpal Tunnel / Numbness – Without Surgery

Numbness and tingling in the fingers may be carpal tunnel.

  • The carpal tunnel is the passageway in the wrist that protects the median nerve and flexor tendons that flex the fingers and thumb.
  • When the carpal tunnel becomes inflamed with overuse or misuse of the wrist, the nerve gets compressed.
  • Symptoms such as tingling and numbness of the thumb, and 1st 2 fingers can happen.

Although surgery is generally recommended by medical doctors, non-invasive treatments are available here at Accurate Care Pain Relief Center.

Dr. Grgula will examine you to determine whether you actually have Carpal Tunnel and if so, she may adjust your wrist, and use acupuncture to relieve the pain & tingling quickly.

By reducing the inflammation, the condition may resolve so it won’t return.

Soft Tissue Injuries / Sprains or Strains

Soft tissue injuries like pulling a muscle or turning an ankle can cause you to miss work, lose time with friends & family, and cause you to stop doing the things you enjoy.

  • The difference between a sprain and strain is a sprain is the overstretching or tearing of ligaments that connect bones together within a joint. Strains are the tearing or over-stretching of tendons or muscles.

Once you’re examined by Dr. Grgula, and she determines whether you have a sprain or strain, she’ll place you on a customized treatment plan that may include adjustments of the affected joint, and acupuncture to speed your healing process.

You’ll be back to your favorite activities much faster with the right treatments.

Tendinitis happens when the tendons that connect the muscles to bones become inflamed.

  • This is usually because of overuse or misuse of a joint. It’s most common in the elbow, as you’ve probably heard of tennis or golfer’s elbow.
  • Tendinitis or tendonitis is not just from playing sports.
  • It can happen from any repetitive motion like working around your home or yard. Vacuuming, sweeping, or raking may cause this to flare up.

Once examined, Dr. Grgula will diagnose your condition, and know which tendon or tendons are affected.

She will most likely adjust the involved joint and use acupuncture to speed up your healing process. Correct braces and wraps may also be recommended to isolate the joint, and stop the tendons from re-injuring.

This treatment plan will help you heal much faster, and get you back to your daily activities pain-free!

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