Hear how Paulene came to our office and received great relief for her neuropathy pain in her feet that she's had since her chemotherapy. She's now able to walk barefoot without feeling like she's walking on glass!

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Tom's orthopedist recommended surgery on both of his shoulders. His condition was pretty severe. After HCT (Stem Cell) treatments in our office, his pain is gone and he doesn't need surgery!

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They are benefiting from the integrative medical side of the practice as well now!

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Butch is a PGA Pro who still golfs at 85+ years of age. He's played golf on tour for over 40 years, and has played in the Legends Tournament in Branson, Missouri many times. Butch complained of severe low back pain that wouldn't go away. It kept him from hitting enough practice balls each week.

Butch had tried other chiropractors, but the pain would keep coming back.

We met at the gym, and after talking to me about his pain, and what I would do, he decided to come to my office. I examined him, and ordered X-Rays right away.

I was then able to get to the root of the problem that his other chiropractor was missing.

I found that because he'd been playing golf professionally for so many years, the muscles in his lower back weren't symmetrical. Overuse of those muscles caused chronic dysfunction. It wasn't just the joints that needed to be adjusted, but the muscles that needed extra exercise to stop the over-compensation. His other muscles were over compensating, causing even more dysfunction in his spine.

I designed a 4 part treatment plan of:

  • Acupuncture,
  • Electrical stim, and
  • Cox Technique.
    • These therapies worked to get the muscles and joints in his low back to work together properly
  • I also showed him exercises in the gym that would help to strengthen the muscles on his weaker side.

In few weeks, he was hitting more practice balls without the pain he had before. I love working with athletes and treating sport injuries, partly because I'm an athlete, and a gym rat, but mostly because I love getting to the root cause of your problems!

Whether you're a pro or a weekend warrior… I'll help you get back into your game ASAP, Pain Free!

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"After 25 years as a professional IFFB body builder, and Mr. Olympia contestant, I'm a little embarrassed to admit… I really did NOT understand the differences, and the dangers of over the counter - store bought supplements versus the body specific medical grade supplements, recommend after blood testing, by Dr Leisa."

- Marcus

This is Marcus's story …

Marcus is an IFFB Professional bodybuilder who's competed for about 25 years. He's competed in both the Arnold Classic, and Mr. Olympia contests.

He met me in the gym while he was preparing for a professional bodybuilding show. He asked me if I could help him with a serious back issue from and old leg fracture years ago.

He came into my office, and I was able to help his back pain with Cox Technic, acupuncture, and electrical stimulation.

During his back treatments, I would ask him more & more detailed health questions, to help him … with proper supplementation.

At first, Marcus was very cautious …

First - because one of his sponsors was an over the counter supplement company called MET-Rx..

Second - for his entire 25 year career, he only had used body building supplements from health food stores and bodybuilding nutrition stores.

Marcus had never known… that those supplements were NOT medical grade, might have impurities or toxins, and could have had adverse reactions - to his body & organs.

Third - he had NEVER had a blood test, to look at how those supplements could be effecting his health, or to determine what he really needed, at this point in his life.

He was interested in learning more.

I immediately drew his blood for a baseline measurement, and for specific tests of his liver and kidneys.

Because of his long history of a high protein intake and heavy weight training, blood testing had to be done before I could put him on a specific / personalized supplement program.

The blood test results … showed his liver enzymes and kidney levels - were not normal!

I was then able to place Marcus on a medical grade supplement program that helped normalize his liver and kidney levels.

The supplements also helped achieve peak performance for his intense training schedule before his next body building show.

Unfortunately at the same time… Because of the stress of his heavy training schedule, and strict dieting, Marcus was hospitalized for pneumonia and Valley Fever within 2 weeks of his show.

  • The doctors in the hospital gave him Flagyl, a serious medication with dangerous side effects.
  • One night after he was released, he called me at home.
  • He told me he was even sicker after the hospital stay.
  • He said his liver enzymes had gone up to 5 times higher - than they were before he was in the hospital.

I realized it was probably the Flagyl, and told him to ask his doctor if there was another medication he could take.

The hospital doctor agreed, and took him off the Flagyl. His liver enzymes were down in a few hours, and he felt better right away.

He was able to get back on track for his show prep, right away.

Marcus was grateful for my help, especially during his prep to perform at his best in a professional bodybuilding show.

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This is Sharon … 25 ½ pounds lighter than when I met her. Sharon had weight gain after a hysterectomy, and also had thyroid problems. She had difficulty losing the weight, even after working with her medical doctor. She came to my office for my doctor-assisted weight loss program.

Sharon had a goal and a mission …

She wanted to surprise her boyfriend with her weight loss - for a planned vacation to Spain in just 5 months. (She was in a hurry!)

This is how we worked together:

First, I reviewed the blood work, her previous doctor had ordered.

"My 2 part doctor assisted weight loss plan involves detox and weight loss."

I then recommended a specific anti-inflammatory Paleo weight loss plan that would address her weight gain after hysterectomy, as well as her weight gain from thyroid problems.

Sharon started out with the detox shakes, and 2 meals per day.

She was able to snack on almonds, berries, and some vegetables. She loved the berry shakes, and never felt hungry.

In a couple weeks, she was ready to move on to the Paleo weight loss shakes.
Again, she was able to snack throughout the day on specific foods, and was never hungry.

Her regular meals included foods like chicken, steak, fish, vegetables, and yams, and berries.

She started to prepare her meals on Sundays, so she was always prepared during the week with her busy schedule.

One of the things she really liked was - that her shakes were easy to make at work.

Sharon has kept her weight off for over a year and a half,
even while working 14 hour days!

She still prepares her meals ahead of time … once a week.

She knows which foods to eat, and follows the Paleo lifestyle, I recommended for her.

She's able to travel, eat what she wants, and come home to resume her food plan to take the vacation pounds right back off.

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This is Dawne. Dawne is a diabetic. Her prescription for her diabetes, Prilosec (Omeprazole) had two BAD side effects:

  • It gave her heart burn, and
  • It gave her... almost daily diarrhea.

This stopped her from enjoying her life, because she was afraid to a bowel incident!

She was afraid to travel and walk through airports. She was fearful of attending normal church services, going to the movies, and it even stopped her from going to the gym, as often as she liked.

Her MD's solution … was to take "Imodium" almost daily, to stop the diarrhea.

When I met her she had been taking Imodium - 4-6 times a week - for 2 years,  but she had not had the heartburn for almost a year.

We met at the gym… and I knew I could help her.

On her first visit, I started with a detailed intake of her diet, lifestyle, medications, and more.

Once I had enough history, I was able to design a specific treatment plan to improve her gut health.

  • I suggested she do the following solutions:
    Start taking "medical grade probiotics." (I have the very best medical grade supplements at my office).
  • Slightly modify her diet, with whole natural foods. (I have lab testing available.


Within weeks, her Imodium use was down from 4-6 times a week - to 1-2 times a month.

And within a short period of time - her doctor took her off the prescription Prilosec!

Today… Dawne has her life back!

She can travel, work out, go to church & movies without worry of a bowel accident.

Since she started treating with me, Dawne still takes her probiotics, eats the right foods I've suggested, and keeps up with her adjustments here in my office.

She's feeling great, and is more active than ever!

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This is Peggy. She had so much neck pain, she could not turn her head. She went from one chiropractic physician to another.

Because of the location of the injury in her neck (vertebrae C1 & C2), surgery was not an option. Her son, an Orthopedic Surgeon referred her to a Spinal Specialist in his office … they tried one thing after another, including a "full neck brace" … that made things worse!

After that she went to a family friend who was a "Pain Specialist" who tried:

  • an occipital nerve block,
  • radio frequency ablation,
  • medial branch blocks, just to name a few. None of those helped either!

Then she tried a "Therapeutic Massage Therapist" … he couldn't help either!

Then she went to another Doctor, a "Soft Tissue Specialist" … he couldn't help either!

"Peggy was frustrated, and about to give up; she had accepted that she would spend the rest of her life in PAIN! And would not - be able to turn her head."

Her last doctor referred her to me, at CaringPainRelief.com

"Peggy had never been to a chiropractor,
and she was scared."

Here's what happened next …

She came to my office for the initial, and very extensive - no cost exam.

  • I reviewed all of the tests she had done.
  • I first placed her on a specific treatment program involving Acupuncture.
  • I then added Cox Technic to open her occipital vertebrae and muscles, and e-stim.

"She responded very quickly
After only a few sessions - she could turn her neck
for the first time in years…"

I continue to see her and she keeps up with all of her appointments.

She knows that this is what is going to finally help her feel better.

She says: "Dr Leisa is the only one who's given me relief! "

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Meet my friend and fellow gym buddy Virginia G. from North Phoenix. She's a vibrant 80 years young - and still enjoys going to the gym and staying active. But it was NOT always that way! Until she learned about the Cox Technic

Virginia and I met at the gym, where she was trying to lessen her chronic back pain. She told me she was suffering from serious multiple back conditions like:

  • Spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Sciatica

Her back pain was making her life miserable!
Even daily activities like cleaning her house caused her to have severe low back pain.

She was frustrated with traditional advice that was NOT working!

  • Stretching and exercises weren't helping the pain.
  • She tried traditional chiropractic treatments - they did not work.
  • She tried another chiropractor, and was adjusted for many months - with very little relief.

No matter what she tried, the pain would always come right back.

I knew the Cox Technic would help her.

I invited her to come in to my north Phoenix office for a no cost evaluation of her condition.

I examined her and ordered new X-Rays.Then I reviewed her x-rays with her and immediately placed her on a simple treatment program that included a gentle and effective chiropractic adjusting style called The Cox Technic.

I explained to her that I'd be able to make specific gentle corrections to her spine that would last. And- most importantly help her stay pain free. This was not just a temporary pain relief technique. I also recommended that she continue her morning stretches, and her strength training in the gym to help maintain the work I was doing.

After only one treatment with the Cox Technic, I was able to relieve her lower back pain!

Virginia wanted a long-term - drug free solution.

She knew that pain relief wasn't enough, so she followed my treatment plan and always looked forward to her appointments.

Virginia is pain-free and has more energy! She still enjoys going to the gym five days a week for her stretches and strength training.

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"I had low back and hip pain that the doctors said required surgery. I had back surgery at a major neurological institute here in Phoenix and the hip and back pain was gone - BUT I developed other problems from the surgery. Immediately after the surgery, I had pain in both my feet and legs like a burning and tingling that wasn't there before..."

"... The neurosurgeon wanted to do another surgery - but I wanted a natural alternative. Dr. Leisa used Acupuncture and the Cox Technic, as an alternative to surgery. The burning in my feet and legs is practically gone! Thank you for saving me from a second back surgery!"

- Paul

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"I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when I was 14, and had been taking Remicade for years. My life was difficult with the pain, bleeding and other issues associated with this serious disease. At age 18, I got married and wanted to get off Remicaid to have children. I've been stuck in hospitals for months at a time, Dr Leisa as the 1st and ONLY Dr. to recommend changing my diet … and it WORKED!..."

"... Dr. Leisa helped my body heal the ulcers with specific natural supplements including probiotics, - we also used acupuncture, diet, and the Cox Technic. I'm now in medication free recovery from ulcerative colitis, and have 2 healthy children! Thank you Dr. Leisa!"

- Daniella

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"I suffered from pain in my neck, shoulders, lower back and hips. I've tried 2 different pain clinics BOTH FAILED … they recommended steroid shots, and prescription opiate drugs. I wanted a solution - not a symptom cover up..."

"... I was searching for a natural way to live pain free, without drugs. Dr. Leisa had me feeling better in 3 days, utilizing Acupuncture, the amazing Cox Technic and Chiropractic Adjustments (All Natural Solutions). I love the results and recommend her to my friends."

- Les

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