It’s a new season. Fall’s changes help us to finish the year on a healthy note in North Scottsdale AZ

It’s a new season in North Scottsdale AZ. Fall’s changes help us to finish the year on a healthy note

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Here in the Valley, the heat gets us down. Many go up north, to escape it. So many are coming back to the Valley now, and now that you’ve come back, or you’ve been here all summer, let me help you effortlessly make the transition from our brutally hot summers, to our gentle, cool Falls in North Scottsdale AZ.

First of all, it’s still hot here. We’re not truly out of the woods until around Thanksgiving, so please treat the severity of this weather, the same as you would in the middle of the Summer. This means you must still take electrolytes. Electrolyte formulas should not contain sugar. Sugar is dehydrating. Sole, pronounced, “solay” is a great source for electrolytes, as Himalayan salt is very similar to the salt elements in our body. Adding approximately ¼ of a 1 quart mason jar filled with the Himilayan stones, and fill the rest of the jar with quality drinking water. Cover the glass jar with a plastic, nonmetal lid, and start using the next day.

Now that fall is just about here, let’s feel the weather changes, and start to slow down for the cooler Winter months. It’s good to have our bodies and lifestyles mimic nature with this slowing, restful way. As the leaves fall, this is a preparatory phase for the tree to rest and prepare for the new growth in the spring. As we listen to our body, we can sense similar changes within us as well. Days become shorter, and some feel a bit more tired. Naps are more common, and some sleep a little later in the dark mornings. This is a natural progression. It just makes sense to slow down a bit in the winter. Here in the Valley, it’s such beautiful warm weather practically year-round. This actually gives us a false sense of spring and summer. It’s easy to keep up our busy exercise and work schedules throughout winter as well. Slowing down a bit, and take time to rest and recharge during these months is healthy. Like living up North in the colder climates, it makes more sense to stay inside and cocoon during the cold. I realize most of us moved here so we don’t have to cocoon inside in the Winter, however, it’s still a good idea to recognize the change of season. Foods change, our lifestyles change, weather changes. It’s time for our body to change as well.

How Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes the change from summer to fall in North Scottsdale AZ:

It’s a shift from Summer yang, to Fall Yin. Yang refers to the vitality, heat, fast, bright, abundance of Summer. This shifts to the deep Yin. The cool, dark, slow nature of winter. Fall is the gentle transition between Summer and Winter. It’s important to support the lung organs during the Fall. This is perfect timing, with the threat of colds, flu, and COVID these days. Cooked vegetables and warm dishes are recommended. Use foods that are in season such as butternut squash, acorn squash, parsnips and other earthy root vegetables. This should always be the rule of thumb during each season. It’s not natural to eat foods that are out of season, regardless of the availability at the grocery store.

The taste associated with Fall and the Metal element is pungent and spicy. Use warming spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and curry.

Be careful not to overuse pungent and spicy foods, which can stress other TCM organ and meridian systems such as the lung and liver energetics. Cut back on the amount of cold and raw fruits and vegetables you may have been in the habit of eating throughout the summer. Cut back on the summer salads and smoothies for more stews and soups. I know this is tough here where it’s still hot summer temperatures until about November, but do your best to make a gentle transition whenever possible. Warm drinks like teas and broths are better for us now also. They can be better enjoyed during our cooler mornings and evenings now.

Emotionally, let go, slow down, and eliminate things that are unnecessary in your life. You know what these things are, and try and work on them a little at a time to shed the old, like the trees shed their leaves.

Fall is a beautiful time of the year, not only in nature, but in our cycle of life throughout the year. If you or anyone you know, would like to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine may help you, please call my office for a complementary consultation.

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