How to Lose that COVID-19 Weight-Gain the Right Way in North Scottsdale AZ

How to Lose that COVID-19 Weight-Gain the Right Way in North Scottsdale AZ

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So as you start venturing out and trying to get your lives back to normal, you find that you've gained weight during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. More than likely your gym is still closed and you're not sure when they'll open again.

You tried to be diligent in exercising at home, but those pounds crept in and your clothes are really tight. Here are a few tips to help you lose those pounds the right way from a North Scottsdale AZ chiropractor

Tip Number One: Don't Follow a Fad Diet in North Scottsdale AZ

Chances are, you've tried that before and it didn't work. If it did, most likely you've gained the weight back. There are many reasons why fad diets don't work. The main reasons are these. They shock the body, and the body generally senses that starvation is happening. You may lose a few pounds, but a plateau will happen relatively quickly, once the body senses the extreme decrease in calories. That becomes frustrating and most people give up on the diet at that point.

Another way fad diets give quick but non-lasting results, is that you lose water weight the first 2 weeks. This feels and looks great in the beginning, but then again, your weight plateaus, and once again, it becomes frustrating.

Fad diets are rarely something you can adopt as a long-term, healthy lifestyle. Your body needs sufficient nutrients and calories to function properly. A withdrawal of sufficient calories and nutrients may lead to other health issues, including mood swings, thyroid, adrenal as well as other system malfunction. Cravings are often a sign of body system malfunction and can be corrected or prevented with healthy food and lifestyle choices that are not boring.

Tip 2 to Lose that COVID-19 Weight Gain: Relax

Set your weight loss goal, and have a plan to make that happen. If you need help with this, contact me. Getting stressed out over it only raises cortisol and other hormones that affect weight issues.

Speaking of cortisol, it can cause headaches, weight gain, anxiety, digestive issues, and sleep disorders. This happens when you just don't stop. Running around, getting things done for everyone else, and not taking the time to rest for your body to regulate. I cannot recommend this enough. Your weight loss will happen if you are motivated and committed to changing some behaviors. Continuing to rush around, use energy drinks and more to keep going, is actually working against you.

Third Tip: Know Your Blood Type

There are certain foods that genetically work better in your body. I'm not saying to use this as the main method of weight loss, but I use this as a guide for my patients. Some people are genetically predetermined to be vegetarian, and some are meat-eaters. Once we know our blood type, we can design a food plan that works with your body specifically.

Fourth Tip to Lose Weight: Exercise

I mean real exercise that breaks a sweat, and elevates your heart rate. Of course, if you have any health conditions that prevent you from doing this, then follow your doctor's orders. But if you're able to walk, run, or do any cardiovascular exercise, do it. You can take your heart rate on your own, but it's best to invest in a heart rate monitor that measures your heart rate accurately. Cardio is not the only type of exercise to do. You have to build muscle to elevate your metabolism. By raising your metabolism, you'll burn more calories even while resting or sleeping. How fun is that? This way, you're not starving yourself all day only to fall off the wagon, and have to start all over the next day.

Fifth Tip: Write Your Food Intake Down

Or use an app on your phone or computer. This way, you know what you're eating, the times you're eating, and how much you're eating. Successful programs like Weight Watchers have used these methods for years. The old saying, " If you bite it, write it. " still stands true today.

Once again, I hope these tips help with the excess weight you may have gained during quarantine. I offer complimentary consultations for weight loss and healthy maintenance. Please contact my office for an appointment.

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