The Other Side of Your Health in North Scottsdale AZ

The Other Side of Your Health in North Scottsdale AZ

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I would like to call it
The Other Side of Your Health Story
By Dr. Leisa-Marie Grgula

Welcome to my new column! I'm here to give you the other side of your health story. I am a North Scottsdale AZ chiropractic physician and acupuncturist. I received my doctorate of Chiropractic in Chicago in 1995, and practiced there for one year before moving to Sedona in 1996. There in Sedona, I opened my first of 4 Accurate Care Pain Relief Center practice locations.

More About Dr. Grgula in North Scottsdale AZ

Patients ask me every day, "How can I know about alternatives to what my medical doctor recommends?" I'm here to give you that information backed by research, so you have the knowledge to decide which treatment protocols to choose. My goal is to educate and give you your options. My research is in depth. I work hard to dig deep for the best information out there, it's then up to you to decide.

Many of you may or may not have heard my radio talk show, Raising Your Life With Dr. Leisa-Marie Grgula, which aired on Sedona's KAZM Radio for 5 years throughout Northern Arizona. My show touched on general health topics with an emphasis on natural alternatives to drug therapies and surgery. I wrote a column by the same name for one of the Sedona papers there as well. My office is now based here in North Phoenix. As one of six doctors in Arizona certified in Cox Decompression Manipulation, my practice focus is on serious disc issues, acupuncture, nutrition, and sports medicine. My acupuncture professors include Dr. Chi Wei Rei, M.D., a Chinese Orthopedic surgeon, and Carefree's own internationally recognized chiropractic acupuncturist, Dr. John Amaro. I've also been a regular health guest on Channel 7's Morning Scramble.

This regular column will basically follow the same format as my show, only questions will have to be emailed to me directly. I will continue to pass along current health news from journals such as The Journal of the American Medical Association, British Medical Journal, and more. I'll make the information that comes through our media easier to understand. For example, just when you thought you were doing the right thing by taking coconut oil, out came a study recently that stated coconut oil is bad for you. Where do these articles and studies come from? Who funds them? And are they scientifically sound? These and many more questions will be answered as I help you to ask the right questions when hearing these soundbites on the 6:00 news, and how they affect your health and your own doctor appointments.

Be sure and read my column regularly. You will have the information to make better decisions with your healthcare. I might even help you take strokes off your golf game…no promises!

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