What Is Regenerative Medicine And How Does It Really Work In North Scottsdale AZ?

What Is Regenerative Medicine And How Does It Really Work In North Scottsdale AZ?

Chiropractic North Scottsdale AZ What Is Regenerative Medicine

I'm asked this question almost every day as a North Scottsdale AZ chiropractor. Regenerative medicine helps to rebuild or repair or restore tissue that is damaged by disease, injury, or age. This may be done to repair organs, tissue, or cells. Stem cells, for instance, have been formally known as stem cells. True stem cells come from the patient's own body, like bone marrow, or from the hip. The term is widely used, mainly because the public recognizes this term. The FDA requires that the terminology be changed to Human Cellular Tissue Product or HCT.

Changing Term To HCT

This is because tissue, used from the umbilical cord a mother donates, may contain different types of cells. In one of my previous articles, I used the analogy of asking a bartender for tequila. He then hands you a Margarita, and you're confused. You asked for tequila. He responds by telling you a Margarita has tequila. He's right, although the cocktail also has other ingredients such as Triple Sec, sour mix, and other ingredients depending on the type of the Margarita. This is true with many HCT products now, as the regenerative field is changing so quickly.

Where Are The HCT Product Found In North Scottsdale AZ?

The HCT products are collected from a mother's donation of the baby's umbilical cord. The lab source I use in my office tests both the mother and father for possible genetic defects, prior to accepting the umbilical cord. If both parents do not pass the genetic testing, the cord is rejected. Once they are accepted, they are sent to a special lab to be separated and processed. Once that is done, in most cases, the products are then further processed and prepared for direct or intravenous injection. In aesthetic applications, the cells may be applied by abrasing the skin via a micro-needling instrument and therefore allowing the cells to absorb into the skin. This allows the collagen to be supported and enhanced naturally to create an inner scaffolding for a younger appearance.

One of the most popular uses for HCT products is musculoskeletal uses. Damaged or torn muscle tissue, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage may be regrown by injecting the products into each damaged area. This is now a cutting-edge preventive method of keeping the tissue healthy and strong before the damage happens. It's the quintessential form of preventive medicine now.

I've also explained that inflammation must be 'forced' prior to injecting the cellular products. This is done so that once the cells are injected, they know where to go. They are drawn to damaged or inflamed areas of the body. In my office, we start the process with injections of the patient's PRP or platelet-rich plasma. This is done by drawing some blood into a special test tube and spun down specifically for this procedure. The red blood cells are separated, and the yellowish PRP remaining is then injected back into the patient at the area where the cells will be injected. This ensures that the majority of the cells will get to the desired area to do their job. This process changes according to the patient's diet and lifestyle. If a patient is a smoker, has a poor inflammatory diet, or drinks even wine daily, the PRP injections are increased prior to cell injection as a result of systemic inflammation. This ensures the best results possible.

Patients should also be placed on a non-inflammatory diet. This ensures once again that the HCT cells will go to the areas of most inflammation in order to help the healing and growth process. The most confusing part to the patient is usually why do we force the inflammatory process, and then reduce systemic inflammation. If the body is in a systemic state of inflammation, the HCT cells will travel to many areas, trying to help regenerate those areas. Not the areas you came to the office to be addressed. Again, those with a poor, inflammatory diet will have slower results and may have to get further injections later on.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, to try and explain how these wonderful cells work. Should you or anyone you know have questions about HCT products or would like to consult on how they might help you avoid surgery, please call my office for an appointment. I offer a complimentary consultation for my readers. Ultimately, either the Nurse Practitioner or the Naturopathic Physician in my office will give you a treatment protocol that is best for you.

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