Inflammaging. A new word for a serious old condition in North Scottsdale AZ

Inflammaging. A new word for a serious old condition in North Scottsdale AZ

Chiropractic North Scottsdale AZ Inflammaging

Inflammaging is a new word describing the increase in inflammation as people age. For a long time, older people have suffered from more inflammatory conditions in North Scottsdale AZ than younger people. The medical providers would prescribe more anti-inflammatory medications, as a result. Now, as more research is being done on inflammatory conditions, more research is also being done on inflammation as people age. The causes, as well as the treatments are being looked at as a whole. This helps patients as well as practitioners deal with what in some cases, is an inevitable process.

Age-associated chronic inflammation is defined by unresolved and uncontrolled slow low grade inflammation with chronic responses that speed up the aging process and age-related chronic diseases. The definition describes chronic inflammation playing a role in the process. As a physician of 27 years now, I see chronic inflammation more commonly than I see acute inflammation. Once the patient's history is taken, I notice that their inflammatory conditions are chronic, and have only been managed by their doctors in most cases, for many years. It appears that people accept this as a right of passage in the aging process. This does not have to be the case. Once an inflammatory pathway starts, it should be addressed at that point. Not just with medication, but with diet and lifestyle changes. I have found that this method of treatment, not management is rarely done.

How to Test for Inflammation in North Scottsdale AZ

Simple inflammatory markers in blood tests like C- Reactive Protein, or CRP should be done with every initial and annual blood work-up. There are more detailed forms of this test, including a comprehensive CRP test that gives more of a detailed picture of cardiac inflammation. CRP is now a better indicator of cardiovascular disease than LDL levels. CRP is not a cardiovascular test, but a test for inflammation. LDL coats your arteries and causes inflammation. My patients hear me say every day, that you can die from a heart attack, but the inflammation caused the heart attack. The CRP can guide the cardiologist as to which patients are at high risk for heart attacks, by the patients' level of inflammation.

How age is related to inflammation, is that one factor is that when we are young, our inflammatory response is high. Acute inflammatory conditions can be reduced and resolved much easier and quicker than when we age. Another reason we reduce inflammation quicker when we're younger, is we move our bodies more. Exercise is easier, and more common in younger people. Participating in sports and exercise is generally part of younger people's lives. As people age, they tend to become less active. This is generally because it hurts to exercise for many people. Here's here it's the chicken or the egg. People need to move their body, but it hurts. It hurts because they are inflamed because they don't move their body. By simply taking anti-inflammatory medications, it only prolongs the process of healing the inflammatory conditions. When was the last time you heard of someone who is chronically on anti-inflammatories, and is cured of their inflammatory condition? Yes, it does happen, but it's rare when you look at the general population of those who take those types of medications. It takes not only exercise, but diet changes as well. Our food is full of inflammatory chemicals, and food additives. Even some organic foods like organic beef can be inflammatory. If beef is not fed grass and finished with grass for their feed, it is inflammatory. Regular and organic grass-fed beef is finished with grain. Traditionally raised beef is all grain fed. To be a healthy source of beef, it must be grass fed, grass finished, or the label should say 100% grass-fed. Eggs that are cage free are from chickens that are fed inflammatory grain. Pasture raised chickens are able to graze in the grass, and eat bugs etc, that are not inflammatory feed. These are just a coupe of options that are better choices to reduce inflammation.

Exercise on a regular basis that follows a schedule is important to move the body to reduce body fat percentage and reduce inflammation. An exercise routine is essential for reducing inflammation.

This is a short article on a very serious and lengthy potential discussion on how to reduce inflammation the right way, and aid with anti-aging. If you or anyone you know would like to reduce your inflammation with specific lifestyle changes, please call my office for a complimentary consultation.

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