What You Need to Know to Boost Your Immune System in North Scottsdale AZ

What You Need to Know to Boost Your Immune System in North Scottsdale AZ

Chiropractic North Scottsdale AZ Immune Boosting Foods

To continue the topic on protecting yourself from diseases, like the coronavirus, from the inside out, I'll be sharing things you can do on your own to help your body build its resistance. Starting with boosting your immune system from the help of a North Scottsdale AZ chiropractor.

One thing that we all must do, is to reduce sugar intake as much as possible. Not only will it lower your immune system, making you more susceptible to disease, it also increases inflammation. I'm not going to elaborate, you know what to do to accomplish that.

Get Enough Vitamin C to Give Your Immune System a Boost in North Scottsdale AZ

We're hearing everywhere to increase vitamin C intake. The reason for this, is that vitamin C is fuel for your immune cells. If you are deficient in vitamin C, there is no energy for these cells to work properly.

It is also necessary for your mucous membranes to work properly. The mucous membranes are the first line of defense, that catch things like viruses as we breathe in. There are antibodies there that can attack them before they can enter the respiratory system. Vitamin C is required for the collagen that supports our mucosal layers. This is not just for our respiratory system, but our gut as well.

As a side note, using a humidifier will also help the mucous membranes in your respiratory system to stay moist, especially here in the desert. Vitamin C also modulates our cortisol levels, which helps us to handle stress. When we are under stress like so many of us are today, higher stress levels lower our immune system.

Watch for Sugar and Carbs…

So taking vitamin C is a good idea, however, you have to be careful of your sugar intake as well. Sugar and carbohydrates will interfere with the absorption of vitamin C. So if you are relying on drinking orange juice for instance, the sugar in the orange juice will affect the absorption of the vitamin C. Your better choices for food are red bell peppers, which have about 200 mg of vitamin C, and very few carbohydrates that can affect the absorption.

One small head of cauliflower has about 800 mg of vitamin C. This can be consumed by steaming or roasting it, draining it, and making a cauliflower mash. This way, you can easily eat it all in one or 2 meals in a day. Broccoli has about 550 mg in a small head.

Remember, you can also juice any of these vegetables so you can get more of them into you in a raw form. If you still prefer to get your vitamin C with carbohydrates, it's best to take vitamin C as a supplement in a liposomal form. In this form, it's bound to fat, and doesn't  get affected by the carbohydrates like glucose. This is also important if you take enough to actually fight off viruses, you will not urinate it all out all at once. It has to be taken throughout the day, even hourly and in this form, it will stay in the system.

Silver Solution

Another easy thing to do is to take doses of a silver solution that has an AG404 coating on the nanoparticles. I am not talking about colloidal silver. Although effective for many things, it can be harmful if overdosed and is fat-soluble. This means it can attack probiotics in the gut. This can actually lower your immune system. The silver solution with AG404, is water-soluble, exits the body within 24 hours, and does not attack probiotics in the gut. It actually isolates a virus, and renders it harmless to the body. This can be added to a nebulizer and pumped into the respiratory system.

This can help as prevention for those who are not sick, and for those who already are, it may help them recover faster. It can also be ingested directly in small amounts. Because it is suspended in water, it actually tastes just like water. It is also available in gel form for an effective antimicrobial hand sanitizer. The liquid can also be placed in a vertical nasal spray to help isolate a virus in your mucous membranes. I am not making claims of curing COVID-19. Nothing kills a virus, but by isolating a virus, it may be very helpful for prevention and recovery.

These are a few things you can do on your own to help support your immune system. This is so important not only during these times but for your whole life. Also remember that cancer is a disease of compromised immunity. For any of the products mentioned above, please call my office. Some may be covered on your insurance.

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